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Social News Roundup | September 19, 2014


1. Real-Time Events Will Show Up Higher In Your Facebook Newsfeed


Facebook is making adjustments to its newsfeed so that real-time events will be shown higher. “Trending stories” will be moved to the top of the feed as they’re occurring. Read more… 


2. Frequent Facebook Users Are More Susceptible to Phishing Scams


Researchers at SUNY Buffalo have found that there is a correlation between the amount of time someone frequents Facebook and how susceptible they are to phishing scams. Read more… 


3. How Chobani and Taco Bell Win on Instagram Ads

describe the image

Chobani and Taco Bell have achieved similar success advertising on Instagram. Chobani’s campaign was able to depict new ways on how to savor their yogurt throughout the day, whereas Taco Bell was able to create a powerful visual narrative for their new breakfast menu. Read more… 


4. Small Businesses Spend More On Social Media Than Any Other Form of Media


To advertise and promote their businesses, small and medium size businesses use and spend more on social media than on any other form or media. Read more…


5. Social Media Ad Myths Debunked

Social Networks

Is the myth about paid advertising having the same effect on every social site true?  How about the myth that social media ads work well for all brands? Learn more about the truths behind several social media advertising myths with this handy infographic. Read more…

Social News Roundup | September 17, 2014


1. Facebook Creates Industry Pages for Developers 


Facebook has created industry pages for developers who are in the e-commerce, entertainment, games, photos and travel industries. Read more…


2. Flipboard Adds Video Ads 

Flipboard Video

Video ads will now appear on Flipboard. They are being presented as an additional component to display ads, and users need to engage with the ads in order to view the video. Read more… 


3. The Majority of Social Media Users Are Located Outside the United States

describe the image

The majority of social media users do not reside in the United States. 87% of active Twitter users and 84% of Facebook users are located outside the US. Read more… 


4. Social Media Tools Can Help You Lose Weight


Researchers at Imperial College London have found that online social networks have a “modest, but significant” result in aiding weight loss. Read more…  


5. User Generated Social Media Campaign Brings Back Surge 


Coke has revived Surge after an intensive two-year social media campaign. The nostalgic soft drink will only be available on Amazon. Read more…

Social News Roundup | September 12, 2014


1. Facebook Tests a New Feature to Schedule Deletion of Posts 

Facebook Delete Posts

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow iOS app users to schedule deletion of posts in advance. Read more… 

2. Facebook Is Putting More Emphasis On Negative Feedback For Ads

Facebook Negative Feedback Post

To provide more relevant ads on its News Feed, Facebook is placing a larger emphasis on the reasons behind why a user chooses to hide an ad. Read more…

3. Vogue Angers “Black Booty “ with Booty Article

describe the image

In anticipation for the release of a new song from Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, Vogue published an article about the cultural progression of booties. The article was criticized for failing to acknowledge the relationship between popular opinion, butts and the female black body. In response, Black Twitter created the hashtag #VogueArticles. Read more…

4. CEOs Who are Active On Social Media are Seen as More Innovative

CEO social media


CEOs with a social media presence are seen as more innovative compared to those without one. Read more… 

5. Creating a Social Brand Narrative

Social Brands Networs

To reinforce their social narrative, brands should have a distinctive tone of voice, emphasize core themes every month, build content around occasions, be prepared to be spontaneous and use data effectively. Read more…


Social News Roundup | September 10, 2014


1. The US Makes Up 41.5% of All Twitter Mention


A study from Mention found that the US makes up 41.5% of all Twitter mentions, followed by the UK with 9.7% and France with 5.4%. Read more… 

2. Facebook Hits 100 Million Users In Africa

FB Mobile2

Facebook now has 100 million users in Africa, which is half of all Internet users in Africa. Read more…

3. YouTube Ads Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Any Other Social Network

Social Networks

Compared to other social media networks, YouTube performs the best at influencing consumers purchasing decisions. Read more…

4. Facebook Videos Now Include a View Count

FB view count

Facebook is rolling out a view count feature for uploaded videos on the social network. Read more…

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Ice challenge

YouTube videos relating to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have reached 1 billion views. Compared to 2013’s Harlem Shake video, videos relating to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have double the uploads and three times as many views. Read more…

6. DiGiorno Apologizes For Misusing Hashtag #WhyIStayed

Digiorno tweet

DiGiorno apologizes for misusing the hashtag #WhyIStayed, a hashtag dedicated to drawing awareness for domestic violence. Read more…

Social News Roundup | September 5, 2014


1. Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkup

FB Privacy Checkup

Facebook is rolling out a privacy checkup to remind users to review their privacy settings and make sure they are sharing updates with the right audience. Read more… 

2. Twitter Forces Twitpic To Shut Down

describe the image

Twitpic is shutting down as a result of a trademark dispute with Twitter. Read more…

3. Organic Search Drives More Traffic than Paid Search and Social

Organic Search

A recent study conducted by BrightEdge has found that organic search drives 51% of traffic to business-to-business and business-to-consumer websites, whereas paid-search drives 10% and social drives 5%. Read more…

4. Marketing Budget for Social Media Increases, But Hard to Measure ROI

FB Twitter

Although social media spending is increasing, it’s still difficult for marketers to measure its return on investment. Read more…

5. B2B Companies Are Perfect For Employee Driven Advocacy Programs

Shaking Hands

Employee advocacy programs allow employees to use their personal social media profiles to drive brand awareness, leads and promotions for their company. Because B2B companies have large remote work forces and are targeting a more educated buyer, they are the perfect candidates for employee-driven advocacy programs. Read more…

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Social News Roundup | September 3, 2014


1. Twitter Revamps Their Sign-Up Process

New Twitter Sign Up Page

Twitter has revamped its sign-up process for new users to help them get immediate value out of the social network. Read more… 

2. Facebook Tests New Mobile Search Feature for Old Posts

Facebook Mobile Search

Facebook is testing a new search feature that allows mobile users to find old posts that were shared with them using keywords. Read more…

3. Instagram Is the Most Important Social Network for Teens

Instagram Teens

Instagram is now the most important social platform for teenagers, ahead of Facebook and Twitter. Read more…

4. Netflix Subscribers Can Choose What They Want to Share On Facebook

Netflix Facebook

Netflix is giving their subscribers more control over what they want to share over Facebook, which includes recommending videos to friends. Read more…

5. YouTube Reaches More 18 to 24 Year Olds Than Any Cable Network


YouTube reaches more 18 to 24 year olds than any other cable network. Millennials consume more content on YouTube than ESPN, Hulu and even Facebook. Read more…

6. Fortune 500 Companies Focuses On Social Media Over Corporate Blogs

Fortune 500 Social Media

Fortune 500 companies are leveraging social media more compared to blogging. Research from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing have found that in 2014, 31% of the studied companies who have corporate blogs showed a 3% decrease in blogging in the past year. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 29, 14


1. Twitter’s Tweet Activity Dashboard Is Open to All Users

Twitter Dashboard2

Twitter has begun opening its Tweet Activity dashboard to all users, which shows information including impressions, engagement and clicks. Read more…

2. Brands Immediately Hop Onto Instagram’s Hyperlapse App


Big name brands such as Mountain Dew and Bud Light have already used Hyperlapse, Instagram’s app for making time-lapse videos, within hours of the app’s launch. Read more…

3. Facebook Announces “Events” Ads and Launches Advanced Insights for Events

Facebook Event Ads

In the coming weeks, Facebook will release desktop and mobile News Feed ads and insights for events. Insights that event hosts will receive include the number of people who have seen an event link on Facebook, the number of people who have viewed the event and the number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received. Read more…

4. There Is Now a Tweetdeck for Instagram

Instagram Tweetdeck

To organize your Instagram feed, Marvel, a London-based prototyping platform, has created a web app that allows you to add columns based on users or hashtags so that users can easily follow updates on certain topics. Read more…

5. Google Stops Displaying Authorship Markup In Search Results


Google will no longer display the names of authors in search results, since the feature wasn’t as useful to readers as Google hoped it would be. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 27, 2014


1. Facebook Emphasizes Link Format Over Links In Captions and Status Updates

Facebook Linkbaiting

To improve the content that users see on their News Feed, Facebook is taking the steps to move against click-baiting headlines and favoring links that are shared via the social network’s link format. Read more… 

2. Pinterest’s New Analytics Tool Is Now Available to Businesses

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has released a new analytics tool that allows businesses to see detailed data such as the number of users who engage with their pins or which countries those users are from. Read more…

3. Instagram Releases Video Editing App Hyperlapse


Instagram releases a video editing app named Hyperlapse, which makes it easier for users to create tracking shots and fast, time-lapse videos on their mobile phone. Read more…

4. 64% of Back–to-School Shoppers Discover Products via Social Media

School Supplies

It’s back-to-school season, and nearly 65% of last minute shoppers are turning to social media to discover new products. Read more…

5. ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ In India Helps Local People In Need

Rice Bucket Challenge

Described on Facebook as an “Indian version for Indian needs,” the “rice bucket challenge” encourages participants to share photos of themselves donating rice to those in need. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 22, 2014


1. LinkedIn’s Slideshare Is Free For Everyone to Use


LinkedIn’s Slideshare is now completely free to use. Premium features that will be free to use include profile customization, private uploads and analytics features. Read more… 

2. Vine Finally Lets You Import Videos

Vine logo

Vine finally allows users to import existing videos from their mobile devices and gives users the option to edit them. Read more…

3. Facebook Releases Analytics For App Links

Facebook App Links

Facebook is releasing analytics for App Links. With the analytics tools, developers can see when they send someone to another app, when a user has arrived at their app from an App Link and when someone returns to their app from another app. Read more…

4. Instagram Rolls Out Advertising Tools


To help advertisers gauge the success of their campaigns, Instagram is rolling out tools that include account and ad insights. Read more…

5. Facebook Launching “Q&A Box” For Emmy Red Carpet


facebook mentions box2

Facebook will debut the “Facebook Mentions Box” at the Emmys. The interactive device allows celebrities to answer questions submitted by fans. Read more…

Social News Roundup | August 20, 2014


1. Facebook Is Testing “Stickers” In Comments 

Facebook Stickers

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to add stickers when posting comments. Read more…

2. Twitter’s New Experiment Includes Favorites On Timeline


Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that shows favorited tweets on users’ timelines. Read more…

3. Snapchat Plans to Display Ads, TV & Movie Clips and News Articles


This fall, Snapchat plans to launch a service called Snapchat Discovery to display content that includes ads, TV and movie clips and news articles. Read more…

4. Twitter to Remove Images of Deceased Upon Family’s Request


Upon the request of family members, Twitter will remove images and videos of the deceased. Read more…

5. Study Shows that 99% of All Organic Posts Get Almost No Engagement

social posts engagement 99

A study from SocialFlow has found that 99% of organic social posts across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ create little to no engagement at all. Read more…

6. Burger King Brings Back Chicken Fries With Social Media Success

chicken fries

Since launching #chickenfriesareback, Burger King has averaged 380 tweets per minute while generating 150,000 total social media mentions in the campaign’s first 72 hours. Read more…

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