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Social News Roundup | December 17, 2014


1) Welcome to the Instagram filter family Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden & Perpetua!

instagramfilters 1217

Photo Courtesy of Blog.Instagram

Instagram adds 5 new filters for your photos.


2) Facebook making even more changes to search


Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Facebook drops Bing, its primary search engine, in exchange for its own search tool to give better results. Read more...


3) You can now create GIFs on YouTube

YOutubeGufs 1217

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

YouTube makes creating GIFs from videos as simple as sharing. Read more...


4) Colors used on Facebook pages can affect page engagement

FBColors 1217

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

An analysis done by Wisemetrics found that the color green seems to increase engagement but not so much for pink and red.  Read more...


5) Want a user to remain loyal to your brand? Twitter is the way to go.

Twitterloyal 1217

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

A GlobalWebIndex Brand report found that only 13% of respondents unfollowed a brand on Twitter whereas 30% of respondents have un-Liked a brand Page on Facebook. Read more...


6) Email is the best way to drive up online shopping sales

e maildriveupsales 1217

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Study shows that users are 6x more likely to click email links than social links. Read more...

Social News Roundup | December 12, 2014


1) A look back on Social Media in 2014

LookBackOn2104 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

You may be surprised which 2014 marketing predictions came true, and which ones didn’t. Find out here.

Facebook and YouTube released their ‘2014 Year in Review’ videos this week where they highlighted some of the most-discussed topics and viral videos of the year. 


2) Facebook introduces Call-to-Action Buttons

FBCallToAction 1212

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

The seven calls to action that will be available include: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. Read more...


3) Twitter releases tailored audiences for their mobile apps


Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

The purpose of the product is to help users “drive the highest possible ROI in app install and app engagement campaigns” as stated by Kelton Lynn, Group Product Maneger at Twitter. Read more...


4) LinkedIn slowly rolling out a new design for users

LinkedIn 1212

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The redesigned homepage features an updated dashboard, a “Keep in Touch” box as well as an area designated for the site’s publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse. Read more...


5) Facebook gets Trendier

FbTrending 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

Facebook adds a live feed and other features to the Trending section on their page. Read more...


6) Instagram surpasses Twitter in number of users

IG300followers 1212

Photo Credit Social Times

This week Instagram hit a milestone and reached 300 million followers vs. Twitter’s 284 million. Read more...

Social News Roundup | December 10, 2014


1) Facebook makes searching easier…

fbsearch 1210

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

Facebook now allows users to search through any posts that have ever been shared with them. Read more...


2) …and so does Twitter!

Twittersearch 1210

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Twitter’s advanced search update allows users to search through any user’s tweet history. Read more...


3) Netflix introduces ‘Tweet Me a Reminder’

NetflixReminder 1210

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Twitter and Netflix have teamed up to test a new way to remind Netflix watchers of a show’s debut. Read more...


 4) Facebook revamps ad reporting

FBAdsReporting 1210

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

The update makes it easier to easier access saved reports, choose from existing templates and save, schedule, share and export reports. Read more... 


5) Deviant Art goes mobile

deviantart 1210

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

DeviantArt, a successful social media platform for art, is now launching a mobile app where artists can connect and share their work much like they are able to do on the website. Read more...


6) The Grammy’s Twitter takeover

This year’s Grammy nominees were announced by musicians and TV personalities via Twitter in an attempt to “celebrate each nominee” and “let each announcement live its own moment” as explained by Recording Academy CMO, Evan Greene. Read more...


7) UPS launches #WishesDelivered

The social campaign invites the public to share their holiday wishes with a video or personal message on the Wishes Delivered home page. UPS grants some of the wishes themselves and for every wish that is posted they donate $1 to one of their three charity partners. Read more...


8) First ever live Twitter autograph session

From Nov. 23-24 Xfinity Sport’s encouraged their followers to send out tweets with #SignMyTweet to enter for a chance to have the tweet signed by Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. During a live 2 hour signing Emmitt was able to sign 400 of the tweets (and rip up a “Cowboys suck” tweet). Read more... 


9) Social Reach increases exponentially through employee sharing

EmployeeSharing 1210

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

As seen in this infographic with just 60 employees you can increase your company’s reach by 60%.

Social News Roundup | December 5, 2014


1) Twitter introduces safety updates 


Some of Twitter’s new updates include improvements to the block functionality and an improved way to flag abusive tweets. Read more...


2) Fresco, an image based news app

describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

John Meyer, creator of the app, says that it’s an essentially an “Instagram for news [where] you can discover the news by flipping through beautiful images”. Read more...


3) Which social network is the best fit for your business?

SocMedforBusiness 124

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

When it comes to which social media platform your business should be using, one size does not fit all. This infographic breaks down which network is the best for your business.


4) Disneyland is the #1 most geotagged location on Instagram

 DisneylandInstagram 125

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

Check out the other locations that top the list here.


5) Gangnam Style #BrokeTheInternet

Gangnam 124

Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

The record breaking number of views the video has garnered forced YouTube to upgrade to a 64-bit integer. Read more...


6) ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ top the TV Obsession Index

TVObsession 125

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

The Hollywood Reporter and Facebook teamed up to created a weekly TV Obsession Index which launched this week. Did your TV obsession make the cut? Find out here.


7) Nissan gets creative with Social Media

Nissan creates a “Paint Prank” and a #GuessTheMess campaign to promote their new nano-tech painted car (which repels liquids). Read more...


Social News Roundup | December 3, 2014


1) Geofilters available to all on Snapchat

snapchatgeofilter 123

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Due to the large number of Snapchatters asking for personalized Geofilters, Snapchat decided to allow users to create their own Geofilter artwork which can be submitted to Snapchat for approval here. Read more...


2) Additions to Facebook’s Ad Insights

FBPosNegFeedback 123

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

Facebook Insights now includes a relevance score as well as positive and negative feedback data. Read more...


3) YouTube vs. Vimeo

VimeoOrYoutube 123

Photo Courtesy of The Next Web

While YouTube may have a larger audience (1 billion unique visitors a month), the smaller size of Vimeo allows businesses to compete on a more focused playing field. Read more about the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo here.


4) Tumblr launches mobile app ads with geo/gender targeting

TumblrApps 123

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

The new feature will allow users to click on an install app button in sponsored posts, which will then direct them to the App Store to complete the download. The program will begin its launch with gaming apps including League of War and Knights & Dragons. Read more...


5) How to motivate online shoppers to buy online


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase but that does not necessarily mean they will follow through with the purchase online. This infographic breaks down the best ways to entice these shoppers to buy online.


6) 70% of content sharing happens via “dark” social channels

DarkSocial 123

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

Interesting study about what type of content and how much is being shared on “dark” social (text and e-mail) vs. “light” social (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) here.


7) Brands get Clever with messaging apps

MessagingApps 123

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

One-to-One apps (such as Snapchat, WeChat and Whatsapp) have provided brands with new opportunities to think outside the box and get personal. Read more...


8) #StarWars beats #BlackFriday:

The new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer out-trended Black Friday shopping on Twitter. Read more...


9) Naming-and-shaming drunk drivers on Twitter

DrunkDriving 123

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

As part of a Christmas anti drunk-driving campaign several UK Police Departments will tweet the details of offenders found driving under the influence on Twitter. Read more...

A Digital Doctor Visit with a Social Media Audit


DigitalDoctorVisit resized 600

When we humans fall ill, we know almost immediately when it’s time to visit a doctor. But social media is a more complicated beast, and oftentimes, it takes a second opinion to know when your brand is due for a health overhaul. At Renegade, we offer a social media audit for exactly this purpose. If your company’s social media has experienced any of the following seven symptoms, it’s high time for a visit to the social physician — and we know just the place.


You haven’t reconciled social media with your business objectives

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop bakery just getting started, or a giant insurance company with established social channels, social media should be working for you. And you may be surprised to learn that it can further your business in very specific, targeted ways. Is your company trying to reach a younger (or older) demographic? Social can help. Are you trying to get more “seats” in seats? Social can help here, too. But if your brand is just online to be online, then you may be putting the cart before the horse. An audit can help determine the gaps, as well as the opportunities, that exist for your business through social media.


Your channel strategies have gone to pasture

In a similar vein, let’s say that social media has already been a boon for your business, but your day-to-day channel strategies are beginning to tread water and are in danger of sinking completely. Do you copy-and-paste the same content to every channel? Are you posting daily just to post…something? Do your content buckets have holes in them, so to speak? Each platform has its own language and behaviors, and your brand might as well be speaking Mongolian in Costa Rica if you haven’t adjusted your content to fit each channel. In this case, a re-assessment of your channel strategies can help identify which of your practices need a reboot.


Facebook has left you in the lurch

Now, for the world of Facebook: organic reach is down, paid reach is up. The platform and its mysterious algorithm have been making it increasingly difficult for brands and their content to reach consumers organically (read: without spending money). If your company is one of the many that have invested a large majority of their social efforts in Facebook but are now feeling the squeeze of decreased engagement, it may be time to step back and take another look at the social networking landscape. There may be another platform — or several — more suited to helping you reach your business objectives.


The competition is catching up

Unlike everyone’s favorite slow-and-steady fable, in the story of social media, the tortoise doesn’t always win the race. If your closest competitor has lapped you on any platform — whether that entails more engaging content, better reviews, a bigger fan base or faster rate of growth — there’s no better time than now to ensure that your social media strategies help your business be as agile as possible.


Big changes are on the horizon

So The New York Times just wrote a big piece on your business or a celebrity became a vocal fan of your product. Or maybe business is simply booming and you’re running out of hours in the day to keep up on social. Maybe the growth is of a different nature, and your company will experience a major brand change or merger in the coming months. Figuring out the social media strategy for one brand is task enough for many companies, but if you foresee a big change on the horizon — whether it’s a merger or major brand repositioning — your social media will need to follow suit.


You want to launch an employee advocacy program

Some of your company’s biggest advocates are just an arm’s reach away — literally. Your employees can be a powerful voice on behalf of your company and are an untapped resource when it comes to everything from sharing and creating original content to filling job openings and finding new business. But is it even feasible for your company to embark on this sort of program? Would your current social strategy support it? An audit can help answer these questions.


Your customer service and marketing are in a tug-of-war

If your company has an active customer service department, you probably already know that social media can be both a benefit and a burden. When your customers have complaints or questions, they’re probably not picking up the phone or sending an email to your customer service department — they’re turning to social media first. According to Nielsen, around half of American consumers use social media to contact customer service. And it’s no wonder — it’s fast, public and puts more pressure on your company to respond in a timely manner. But are your social media marketing efforts being compromised by customer service? If you’re spending more time — and content real estate — putting out fires on Twitter and Facebook than earning new business, it’s time to take another look at your social media strategy.


Social News Roundup | November 26, 2014


1. Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite viral family!

The Holderness Family has done it again, this time with a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” entitled “All About That Baste.” Read more...


2. A new Snapchat ad format 

SnapchatAMAs 1125

Photo courtesy of Ad Age

Snapchat teamed up with Samsung to roll out a new ad format in the American Music Awards “story” on Sunday night. Read more...


3. Controversial Yik Yak app raises $62 Million

YikeYak 1125

Photo courtesy of Social Times

The controversy surrounding the app does not seem to be slowing down its growth, with The Wall Street Journal valuing the company at $300-400M not even a year after its launch. Read more...


4. Workers prefer to keep their professional accomplishments off social media

15percent 1125

Photo courtesy of Social Times

A new study finds that only 15% of workers share their professional accomplishments over social media. Read more..


5.  Making the the most of the online shopping season

Infographic 1125

Photo courtesy of Shopify

This awesome infographic outlines the best approach to take for companies looking to increase their online sales.


6. How ignoring your cellphone, virtual fruit and store discounts are related  

AppleTree 1125

Photo courtesy of The Straits Times

The Apple Tree app, created by three college students, rewards users who ignore their cellphones with virtual fruit, which can then be exchanged for real life discounts. Read more...

Your Social Media Survival Guide to Black Friday


The beauty of this survival guide is that it only requires one tool—your smartphone.

Step 1: Follow, like and snap

If you already know which stores you plan on visiting, then you should follow them on Twitter and like their pages on Facebook. It is likely that your favorite retailers will be using these sites to share deals, coupons and possibly even information on Black Friday sweepstakes that you can enter.

And don’t forget about Pinterest! (Yes, you can use this site for more than creating your Dream Wedding Board or compiling recipes that never turn out the way they were supposed to, kind of like this.) Retailers like Macy’s are creating Black Friday Sneak Peek boards so you can check out the deals before hitting the stores.

Amazon is even incorporating Snapchat into the mix by sending their followers exclusive deals and gift recommendations throughout the day, which, in typical Snapchat fashion, will disappear after 10 seconds. If you want to get in on the action, add them on Snapchat (username: 

AmazonSnap 1126

Photos Courtesy of CNET

Step 2: Download these useful apps

Target added a mobile mapping feature to their app just in time for Black Friday in hopes of making it easier to navigate the crowded aisles. The new feature allows shoppers to search for a product or build a shopping list and then find the exact aisle in a nearby Target store where the products are located.

Target 122

Target Mobile Mapping Feature — Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Some stores, such as Macy’s and Neiman Marcus, are rolling out Image Search apps, which identify products (or products similar to the one you are looking for) from a picture alone. 

Step 3: Share your #BFFs (Black Friday Finds) with your #BFF

If you spot the #BestDealEver don’t forget to share it on social media! And if you’re one of the dedicated shoppers who will be camping outside of the stores, feel free to #VineInLine à la Best Buy’s 2013 campaign. Make those of us who decide to sleep in and watch Netflix all day jealous of the super awesome (and super social) time you are having hitting the stores. 

Social News Roundup | November 21, 2014


1. You Can Now Share Tweets Via Twitter Direct Message 

TwitterDirectMessage 1121

Photo courtesy of Recode

Twitter now allows users to privately share content posted publicly on Twitter via direct message — something that was previously done mostly via e-mail. Read more...



2. Obama Uses Facebook To Announce Immigration Speech 

WhiteHouse 1121

Photo courtesy of USAToday

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says, “This was an opportunity for us to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people,” and it did just that! The video reached more than 1.2 million users in under an hour. Read more...


3. Publisher Sites That Do Not Allow Commenting Lose Up To $30m In Revenue 

comments 1121
Photo courtesy of WikiCommons

Recent data shows that more comments = more page views = more ads served, so when publishers disable comments on their content, they’re losing out on a lot of money.  Read more...


4. It Is Now Easier To Embed Vines In WordPress

vine 1121
Photo courtesy of VentureBeat

To encourage the sharing and embedding of Vines, Twitter released a WordPress plugin yesterday that allows users to more easily upload their videos to the popular blogging platform. Read More...


5. Sick Of Holding Your Phone Up To The TV Screen To Record A Clip?

Clipit 1121

Photo courtesy of LostRemote

Clippit, a new app that launched in Google Play and the Apple App Store this week, now allows you to easily clip and share up to 30 seconds of broadcast TV. Read more...


6. Dove, Friskies And Kohl’s Top The Love List 

LoveList 1121

Photo courtesy of AllFacebook

Hootsuite recently created a “Love List” that scores brands on their number of brand mentions, sentiment score and conversations about the brand that included the word “love.” Check out the top 10 brands...



Social News Roundup | November 20,2014


1. In 2015, Posts which are “Too promotional” will get Minimal Reach on Facebook

 FbPromotion 1119

Photo Courtesy of Newsroom.fb

After Facebook spent some time analyzing its data to better understand what users like to see in their news feeds, they found that the content users considered “too promotional” was actually coming from pages they like, rather than ads. So, what does this mean? Facebook pages that post promotional content will see a significant decrease in their organic distribution beginning in 2015. Read more...

2. Facebook Mobile Ads Are The Way To Go During The Holiday Shopping Season

 MobileFBAds 1119

Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

New research has found that 75% of social media users who interact with ads are most likely to do so with mobile ads on Facebook. Expect prices for these types of ads to soar! Read more... 

3. Tumblr and Pinterest are Two of the Fastest Growing Social Media Sites

 pinterest instagram 1119

Photo Courtesy of MediaBistro

New data shows that during the past 6 months Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram have grown 120%, 111% and 64% respectively whereas Twitter has only grown 26% and Facebook only 2%. Read more...

4. Changes In Tumblr’s Format Upsets Its Core User Base

tumblr 1119 

Photo Courtesy of SocialTimes

Yahoo acquired Tumblr 18 months ago and just recently decided to introduce video ads to derive revenue from the site. This resulted in a lot of angry Tumblr users, with over 500,000 signatures on a page petitioning the recent changes. Read more... 

5. Snapcash Allows You To Pay Friends In The Blink Of An Eye

Video Courtesy of

After inputting their debit or credit card information, Snapchat users can now easily send money to each other in private messages via a new feature called Snapcash. This is Snapchat’s first ever partnership with another company. Read More...

6. Local Facebook Page Engagements > Global Facebook Page Engagement 

 LocalFbPages 1119

Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

A new study has found that local Facebook pages receive 107% more interactions than global pages. Read more...

7. Facebook At Work 

describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Facebook is working on a website called “Facebook at Work,” which will allow users to “chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents.”. Read more... 

8. Facebook Releases Facebook Groups App

FacebookGroups 1119

Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

According to Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, around 700 million users interact with Facebook groups on a monthly basis. The new stand-alone app is meant to help users share information with their groups more easily and quickly. Read more...


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